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Praeventio Bulletin

The Praeventio Bulletin is a newsletter offered to all insureds of the Fonds d’assurance. It covers various topics, legal issues, case law or legislative changes. Its purpose is to raise awareness of the various behaviors that give rise to professional liability claims or lawsuits.

2020 Bulletins


  • The Praeventio Bulletin Celebrates its 20th Anniversary!
  • Clarifications to the Insurance Policy as of April 1, 2020
  • Reduced Insurance Premium
  • The Insurance Fund's New Website is Now Online
  • The Conciliation and Summary Hearing Pilot Project and the Duty to Advise
  • Has Your Client Notified Their Insurer?
  • Thinking of Representing a Client Before the Régie du Logement?


  • 2019 Management Report
  • Appointments to the Insurance Fund


  • The Ten Commandments of Effective Communication
  • Is Your Vacation at Risk Due to the Pandemic?
  • The End of a Mandate: A Step Too Often Neglected!
  • Updated Prevention Guide and Prescription Table on the Website
  • Stay Informed!


  • Amendments to the Civil Code of Québec - Watch Out for New Time Limits
  • Postponement of the Coming Into Force of the New Family Law Provisions
  • Mentoring: An Essential Risk Management Component




  • The Website of the Insurance Fund is Getting a Facelift
  • It's Almost Christmas Time, But It's Always Prevention Time
  • Our Prevention Activities - The Tour Continues!
  • Cybercrime: It's Everyone's Business
  • Because Sometimes We need Help


  • Something New at the Insurance Fund!
  • Our Training Activities - Fall 2019 Calendar
  • The Top Ten Horror Stories
  • The Short Prescription Period Under the Press Act: What Conditions Apply? (continued) 


  • Allegation of Ineffective Assistance of Counsel
  • Postponement of the Provisions of the New Legislation Affecting Insurance Funds
  • Lawyers: Are You Aware of the Amendments to the CBCA Regarding Beneficial Ownership?
  • A Few Essentials Before Going on Vacation


  • Settlement Conferences and "Settler's Remorse"
  • Lawyers: Are You Aware of the Amendments to the CBCA Regarding Beneficial Ownership?
  • Appointements to the Insurance Fund


  • 2018 Management Report
  • The Nature of Claims Filed in 2018
  • Erratum


  • Reduction of the Insurance Premium
  • Seeking a Litigation Lawyer
  • Free Training Activity 
  • Some Resolutions for 2019
  • Settlement Discussions Don't Stop the Clock from Ticking
  • Abuse of Procedure and a Lawyer's Duty to Advise





  • Free Training Activities - the Tour Continues...
  • The Importance of Trial Readiness
  • When a Partner Stops Being a Partner
  • Finally, It's Vacation Time! 


  • 2017 Management Report
  • The year 2018



  • Lawyers Are Being Targeted By Scammers
  • The Tour Continues...
  • Claims For Lawyers' Professional Fees: When Does Prescription Begin to Run?
  • The Importance of the Notice to Cease Representing a Client



       - New Training Activity

         Non-respect des délais : Survie pratique pour limiter les risques!

       - Maîtres en affaires!

       - Maîtres en mémoire!

  • You've Planned Your Vacation, But Have You Planned Your Absence?
  • Prevention Quiz
  • Focus on the New Code of Civil procedure


  • Bodily Injuries and New RAMQ-Related Requirement
  • Beware of Fraudulent E-mails
  • 2016 Annual Report
  • The Short Prescription Period under the Press Act: What Conditions Apply?
  • Two New Lawyers join the Professional Liability Fund of the Barreau du Québec


  • Beware of Deadlines
  • Correspondents, Counsel and Partners
  • Technology and Liability
  • Focus on the New Code of Civil Procedure


  • Management Report
  • Reduced Premium for Members as of April 1, 2017
  • Lawyer Analyst Wanted
  • Legal Malpractice Prevention
  • Appointments to the Professional Liability Insurance Fund of the Barreau du Québec