For Lawyers

Subscribe to the Fonds d'assurance

Registration to the Roll of Advocates (Tableau de l’Ordre) and payment of the insurance premium entail the automatic subscription to the Fonds d’assurance. It is, therefore, not necessary to submit an application for insurance, unlike the exemption.

However, if you were exempted, but no longer fall within the situations allowing you to be exempt, as described in section 2 of the  Règlement sur l'assurance de la responsabilité professionnelle des membres du Barreau du Québec, Décision O.P.Q. 2020-384, (2020) 152 G.O.Q. II, 1037, you must submit an application for insurance by filling in the formulaire de souscription.

All applications for insurance are processed directly by the Service des greffes du Barreau du Québec, without the involvement of the Fonds d’assurance.