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The Professional Liability Insurance Policy and Premium

Le Fonds d’assurance responsabilité professionnelle du Barreau du Québec accorde une protection identique à tous ses assurés. Les termes et conditions de la police peuvent toutefois varier d’une année à l’autre.

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Apply for an Exemption from Subscribing to the Fonds d'assurance

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Liability Insurance for Directors and Officers

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Insured's Notice and Declaration

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Offered Training

The Fonds d’assurance plays an active role in preventing malpractice claims and professional errors or omissions.

All our Web-pro training of the FARPBQ Catalog are recognized for the three (3) hours of compulsory continuing training in ethics, deontology or professional practice.

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Praeventio Bulletin

The Praeventio Bulletin is a newsletter offered to all insureds of the Fonds d’assurance. It covers various topics, legal issues, case law or legislative changes. Its purpose is to raise awareness of the various behaviors that give rise to professional liability claims or lawsuits.

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Guides and Tools

To reduce the risk of being the subject of a malpractice claim

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An information tool made available to members of the Barreau du Québec.

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