For Lawyers

Guides and Tools

To reduce the risk of being the subject of a malpractice claim

Prepared and updated by our Claims Prevention Department, the guides and tools in this section will allow lawyers to benefit from the expertise of the Fonds d’assurance to support them in the day-to-day management of their practice.

For both young and experienced lawyers, these guides and tools are good sources to help them develop and maintain their skills and best practices.

Professional Liability Prevention Guide [IN FRENCH]

Among other tools, the Guide de prévention en responsabilité professionnelle, written by practitioners for practitioners, is the result of years of experience since the creation of the Fonds d’assurance. It proves to be an effective tool to reduce the risk of being the subject of a malpractice claim.

Prescriptions and Other Time Limits [IN FRENCH]

The chart entitled Prescriptions extinctives et autres délais, an eminently practical document, is a memory aid of certain limitation periods and other delays. It is available for lawyers to help reduce the risk of a malpractice claim.


Lawyers may also refer to various checklists which are useful tools to confirm that nothing is forgotten.