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  3. The minimum requirements are to detect the availability of a non-exhaustive set of features required by the browser.

I - Rules of Use

The Professional Liability Insurance Fund of the Barreau du Québec (hereafter "the Insurance Fund") operates a website at

Unless specified on the site, it is accessible to all users (hereafter “user”). By exploring this site, you agree to the following conditions. In case you refuse to adhere to the conditions, please do not visit this website.

The Insurance Fund may modify the information below by simply updating this page of the website.

II - Limitation of Liability

The content and hyperlinks on the site are provided for educational and informational purposes. The user should not interpret them as expert advice on legal, tax or accounting matters. The information, documents and images on the site are offered "as is" as of the update date displayed on the page consulted. The Insurance Fund cannot be held responsible for the veracity of advertising content on the site, if any.

The Insurance Fund does not guarantee uninterrupted access to the site, to the hyperlinks’ content and email links provided on the site. The Insurance Fund reserves the right to modify the site without notice. Except as specifically provided, the Insurance Fund aims to keep the site up to date, but it does not commit to making a continuous update for this purpose. In the event that a user finds an error on the site, please contact the Insurance Fund at so that it can be corrected as quickly as possible.


III - Copyright

The form and content of the site are protected by copyright and by Quebec, Canadian and foreign laws on intellectual property. All information and documents accessible on the site are the exclusive property of the Insurance Fund. The name, as well as the logo of the Fonds d'assurance, are the property of the Fonds d'assurance.

The user is prohibited from reproducing for distribution, by any means whatsoever, the texts, computer codes, opinions, views, videos, images, training modules, files and information contained, expressed or made available on the site.

The user is strictly prohibited from selling or modifying, for public or commercial purposes, the texts, opinions, views, videos, images, training modules and information contained, expressed or made available on the site.

IV – Security and Confidentiality

The Insurance Fund has a protection system governing its electronic and computer communications. However, it is not to be held responsible for the possible transmission of computer viruses in any way. Browsing the site or downloading documents and images from the site is entirely at the risk of the user.

With some exceptions, the Internet is not considered to be a secure communication network. Although the Insurance Fund puts efforts into ensuring the security of the site, it is not liable for any damage to the user or to a third party caused by sending confidential information to a third party through the email links on site.


The Insurance Fund uses cookies on the site. A cookie is a small text file saved on the hard drive of the user's computer. This file is completely harmless and cannot contain viruses.

 To analyze the visits to its site, the Insurance Fund uses Google Analytics software. This software uses cookies to record certain visitor behaviors, such as the number of visits to the site, the path followed and the duration of the visit. The cookie file never allows for the identification of the visitor.

A cookie is used to record the user's preferred language. This allows the home page to be displayed in the preferred language when the user returns to the site.

The Site Search 360 tool also uses cookies for the proper functioning of the search tool. These prevent the search engine from being reset while in use, allowing for faster display of search results.

In all cases, none of the cookies allow the identification of individual users.

The data remains completely anonymous and is only intended to improve the Insurance Fund site to better suit the needs of its visitors.

V – Jurisdiction

This agreement is governed and interpreted according to the laws of Quebec. Any dispute resulting from this agreement will be brought before the court of the judicial district of Montreal.


Netiquette brings together all the conventions governing the behavior of Internet users with regards to the publication of content on digital platforms owned or controlled by the Insurance Fund.

Publications and exchanges on the digital platforms of the Insurance Fund must be harmonious. The Insurance Fund relies on the good judgment of Internet users in order to show courtesy and respect in their interventions. The Insurance Fund reserves the right to remove without notice any comments that do not fit into these rules of good conduct:

  • Before posting a comment, make sure it is related to the original topic; off-topic comments may be removed.
  • Using capital letters is tantamount to yelling and can be interpreted as aggression; use uppercase characters only for abbreviations and acronyms.
  • Offensive or aggressive comments have no place. Personal attacks are not tolerated and will be withdrawn.
  • Advertising is not accepted.
  • A hyperlink may be inserted in a comment as long as it is relevant and does not serve as an alibi for disguised advertising.
  • Hateful, defamatory, threatening, racist, homophobic, sexist or sexual comments or any comments against the law are not accepted.
  • Check the source of the information that you publish to avoid misinformation and rumors. Mention your references.
  • Accusations without evidence, publication of illegal content, distortion of facts, lies, disinformation, but also excessive polemic or partisan attempts, propaganda (direct or indirect) are not accepted.
  • Respect for privacy is important to the Insurance Fund. The Insurance Fund asks that you exclude from your comments any personal information (e.g.: phone number, email address, information on a judicial file, etc.).
  • All comments are read and considered. There is no point in going overboard and repeating the same comment over and over again.
  • The Insurance Fund reserves the right to withdraw a comment written in a language other than French or English.

People who do not respect these rules of conduct may have their comments withdrawn without notice.

The Insurance Fund reserves the right not to respond to a comment whose author does not clearly identify himself (an anonymous account or an account suspected of using a false identity).

The Insurance Fund reserves the right to modify this netiquette without notice.

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