For Lawyers

Notify the Fonds d'assurance

Insured's Notice and Declaration

You are a lawyer, insured by the Fonds d’assurance.

You are required to notify the Fonds d’assurance in writing, as soon as you are aware of any fact or circumstances that may give rise to a Claim (this term is defined in your insurance policy).

You must also send to the Fonds d’assurance, without delay, any Claim against you (Examples: Letter of demand, Originating Application to the Court, Statement of Claim, Counterclaim).

The Insured notifies the Insurer by completing the Insured's Notice and Declaration.

This form must be saved, completed, signed and sent to the general address of the Fonds d'assurance.

Note Once the form is received, a lawyer-analyst of the Fonds d’assurance will communicate with you.