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Le défi de l'avocat face aux personnalités difficiles

Effective prevention of legal malpractice claims begins with proper client screening.

Many lawyers who have been sued for malpractice have identified the client’s difficult personality as the principal cause.

There are some points you should consider in order to properly decide whether or not to accept a new mandate. How do you behave with a client you are representing when that client’s behavior is extreme?

What about the situations in which you are facing an unrepresented party with this type of behavior?

We will give you tips and tricks for detecting the early warning signs and tell you how to avoid having the situation degenerate.

For in-class training, it is currently suspended for an indefinite period due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Le défi de l'avocat face aux personnalités difficiles [IN FRENCH]

Date Location Time Duration
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